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Biddy Malone arrived

Unbidden, Unannounced

While I was out chasing miracles.

I almost put her in the dust bin,

Not seeing treasure was wrapped

In an annoying plastic bag.

Ho!  I thought it just another

Anonymous solicitation

For my Spiritual Coin,

Now directed to my Fightin’ Irish self.

The package was heavy and firm:

No calendar, no packet of Holiday Cards

Address stickers that must be shredded.

No!  When I opened the package

I met a dancing girl,

Long and lean with untidy hair

Chasing a miracle of her own

In Staunch Old Ireland!

Old Ireland I say:

My widowed Scottish 8th Great-grandfather

And two sons stopped by for a few years in the 17th C.

He married Mary McCreary and had a son with her.

Poor Mary died.

Life was harsh on women then:

Working to death;

Bearing too many babies

Ttoo quickly and too young.

Undaunted,  Johen Shamus arrived in The Colonies

And found another Mary to marry.

She gave him a dozen more children.

My Irish Roots are short and straggly, new to me.

They live somewhere in my DNA ,

Surge  with life when I

Hear the brogue or see the jig:

My toes go tap-tap-tap!

And the eavesdropping Border Collie

comes running to follow my hand signals:

Round and round!  Between my knees!

Reverse and UP!

On your rear feet, Lulu!

It’s in our genes, you know:

No miracle that Lulu and I found each other,

No miracle that The Woman of the Mountain

Found Biddy and me.

Melanie Wood

6 November 2013

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