Melanie Alcorn Wood
Northern California, USA

Bio: I am THIRD generation Californian on both sides of my family. I grew up in the small town of Calistoga, before it became THE Wine Country. I am married, with children and grandchildren. Most of my working life was spent in the banking, real estate/commercial loans and escrow arena. My children travelled all over the world with me and their dad for several years and had some uncommon experiences. We all are glad to be back in the old neighborhood, and I'm now about a half-hour drive to my Calistoga, and dear old friends. I have always wanted to write, have had some success with magazine articles. Now with discoveries in geneaology I believe I have a tremendous amount of material, for this endeavor has opened numerous "closed doors" some of which contained skeletons in the closet. A few years ago I discovered via an injury that I was born with a spinal issue and should have never been able to do what I did throughout my life. Confused I asked my doctor how it was possible for me to physically do what I have done. My doctor, bless him, remarked "Isn't it amazing: what you don't know truly cannot hurt you!" I liked that very much and will continue doing whatever I want, In accordance with the rule "For the good of all, harm to none."

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Rose

    I’m looking forward to this! Your experiences are rich, and you tell the stories so well.


  3. dear Melanie I feel for you with your back problems. I have at last been diagnosed with spinal stenosis which I have had since a child-the pain is grating-my last hope is an electrical implant-keep well-i love your blog ana

    • Hello my little Hobo. I’m so sorry you have stenosis – I have dealt with it in the past, not so much lately. Overstock.com has something that helps me with nerve pain: it’s called “Bed of Nails LOL! An acupressure thing andinstead of nails (!)they are plastic prickly disks. I have both a mat and a neck-roll. I use the neck-roll almost daily – sit in an over-stuffed chair and side it just behind me and on the pelvis-bone area. Within about 15 minutes I can stand up and move without wanting to cry. The set cost about $50.00 US. This plus the chiropractic work has turned my life around, also knocking off the chardonnay 😀 Alcohol sucks the moisture out of the bones.. I was a (senior) National Tennis Champion in 2001, and took up to 14 Ibuprofen per day -Yikes! In 2008 I lost my sister, my dogs, my job and got my diagnosis. “Bummer, dude” Now I’m hiking again,dancing with my border collie, and so much enjoying my life again. I hope and pray that you will explore and experiment safely and find ways to work your pain too. See you in th Blog!! Melanie

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