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The Truth America Hates

SUBJECT:  A post on Face Book today got my angst door open with an issue very personal to me and one I feel strongly about.  It is important that all Americans MUST understand is a strictly “American” issue and does not live in the “Socialized” countries – those same white bread European countries many of us descend from.  Where did we get the belief that every man (and woman,  and child) is an island, therefore should damn well be self-sufficient?  (You know, the boot straps, the name calling, finger-pointing, suspicion as well as other amazing fabrications.

The poor, the indigent, the mentally ill do not need more hardship.   Matter of fact, up until the Reagan Administration the mentally ill in California at least,  were housed safely and cared for.  Even the very poor family I grew up in had a roof over our head, usually a leaky one always; and once a roof that crashed on top of us in a storm.  True enough, food ran out in our house as we headed into the fourth week of the month.   Utilities also were shut off then.  Oh, and you can bet my family paid taxes on only what we purchased.  That’s the reason we had no food and utilities.  DUH!

This current Americans vs. Americaca attitude seems to have surfaced some point after the Viet Nam War, in my mind.  Or maybe my community was just more loving?        (Comments & or corrections welcome)

Homelessness in America today is a very serious very dangerous issue for all of us! And the  belief that those indigent live the glorious, unwashed and drunken life at taxpayers’ expense has simply got to go!   Along with the theory that people stuck in poverty are there because they “like it” or are “lesser” humans.

Many of those happy, unwashed and drunken folk pushing those tax-free LGCs  (Lavish Grocery Carts) are in truth the very people who once served our country well and  suffer from the effects of that service today!

Others are women with children with no support from the father.  Yet we have those who want to ban birth control and abortion.  It makes one believe somehow that unwanted offspring should  indeed be brought into this world just to suffer?  We will never, ever stop people from Looking For Love but we can provide them birth prevention!

In the end, I know better than to  believe the indigent are living an envy-inspiring life is nothing but a self-serving, egocentric,  and ludicrous justification of a cruel belief;  a very dangerous attitude to unleash on a troubled population.  More likely the focus should be on those cunning and highly educated criminals who deliberately brought down the entire world with their disastrous money-grubbing felonies.  They are called the One Percent.  I have a better title in mind.

In our United States of America as recently as the 1900s, there were community “poor houses,” and churches, and people who volunteered to tend community flocks, out of the kindness of their heart!  Shoot – I well remember being on the receiving end of such people’s good intentions.   I remain forever thankful, and do my best to pay it forward.

I recommend we step back from all this finger-pointing about people not paying taxes because they have no job; about those who suffer in so many ways for having served our country.  Perhaps we can focus on an Income Surplus Tax?

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