The Truth about Tilapia

This was a catchy lead that caught my eye as I did a quick-browse-about this morning.  And by way of chasing this lead I got a great recipe for White Bean Soup – it might even be the kind my Mom used to make and I’m most excited about it.

In chasing Tilapia I got a lot of information that made me go cross-sighted, as a friend of mine coined it.  I was offered tips to improve my life, my locks, my looks PLUS access to a Victoria Secret’s Angel Guide to Gorgeousness!  This offer was followed by The Best Fast Food Fried Chicken in the Universe which would never be allowed to touch the petulantly plump lips of these children.

The Truth about Victoria lies in the fact that their run-way models are typically fashion models fodder:  barely pubescent girls with a keen yearn for glamour, aided and abetted by family.  Dewey-eyed girls with the required glowing, silky skin are not allowed to smile for fear of encouraging wrinkles and are hired for their pouty lips, their talent for a wide eyed and beguiling stare.  This is a dangerous thing to teach our young girls.  Their fear is around wrinkles and income, not at all about how vulnerable they are made to look.

These rascally little girls trick reasonable women into thinking a 30-year old woman is akin to a Sub-teen.  For those who don’t know what Sub-teen means, it is an old-fashioned clothing size once used to acknowledge that though puberty is imminent, there are no boobs yet.  I think it is now represented by Vanity Sizes 0 through 2 these days, because size 3 work with boobs.  I would hate to think any young models are encouraged to use add-ons in their bras at these tender ages, but if it’s profitable I suppose some do, their salaries probably cover the cost and as a business expense it might be write-off-able.

I took a note or two on how to improve my Life, Locks & Looks and increased the font size to so I would be able to study it when I felt the need.

And then…..I printed out the recipe for the White Bean Soup and made my shopping list.  I’m really hankering for it in these days of California’s dry, freeze-assing-cold.  I cannot handle cold unless I’m extremely active, as in the two fabulous ski-trips I have been on.

I feel like The Lone Californian, for I cannot wait for summer though it’s supposed to make our droughts even worse:  at least I will be comfortable in my thirst.


The Truth About Tilapia:  It ranks #4 in the USA, behind shrimp, salmon and canned tuna.

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