I got no turkey, no dressing, no gravy this year!

No family and friends filled my house

That wet, cold  4th Thursday.

I roasted two Game Hens,

Baked one pumpkin pie,

Then drowned it in whipped crème,

And remembered days gone by.

Those store-bought-whip-crème wars

With our next generation – or two

When everyone is a kid again,

And if you are not I’ll sure squirt you!

We leaned back, then, to honor time

With Remember Whens:

“Remember when she grabbed a

Bag of powdered sugar sat next to the stove

When she was making our gray-vee?”

“Just think, next year will be Olive Hands on these tiny new fingers!”

We always inculcate our new generations

Into holiday-only bad manners!

The following Friday is the kick-off to Christmas:

Rain or shine we got a tree

And two be-ribboned fresh door-wreaths.

It hasn’t happened yet.

In our window in front of the tree should be

Three carved and glittered wood blocks in

red, blue and green :  “Peace”, “Love” and “Lulu.”

White icicle lights should shine elegant and bright

From our roof and invite

Family, and friends to stop by.


Commercial entities preach

All day and all night

To buyers who obey

as Eloy’s

In this new Time Machine:

“You will be seen

Swiping your card

In the mouth of

Our Money Machine.”

Melanie Wood

10 Dec. 2014

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