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I recently found those places in my youth

Where I knew pain, anger, terror and violence

That I had to forget decades ago and just

March on with my hopes of a kinder, gentler world.

I’m still on the lookout for Fairy Dust and Miracles!

I find them still in stray animals, small children,

The occasional adult with a sensitive heart.

We can get what we need, if we pay attention.

And despite what my teachers said about me

I paid a lot of attention!

My Big Brother Bill played alternate roles of

Tormentor and Protector in my early years.

He hated having to protect me and he never ever failed.

Our father came for visits, took us to the shooting range

For target practice with his friend and son.

My Dad taught me to plant my feet for steadiness;

To line up the site with my target;

To take a deep breath, exhaling slowly as I squeeze the trigger.

I still do.

Melanie Alcorn Wood

16 Nov. 2014

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My Fellow American


It is a bitter cold day.

His unshaved face is hunched over a grocery cart

Filled with plastic and tin and clothing;

And his eyes are fixed

On disappearing sidewalk.

I pull my car over , and call out “Pops!”

He stops and stares and I see he is of my generation.

I pull a twenty from my wallet,

“How ‘about a cuppa Joe, Joe?”

His eyes light up as he barely

reaches through the window,

Promising he won’t hurt me.

I sigh and shove a bill at him.

He takes it gratefully, and then

He spots the mistake:

With tearful eyes he tries to correct

The error I never made.

“Uh, this is a Jackson, Miss,”

And tries to hand it back.

“No mistake Bud. So get yourself

A piece of pie too, huh.?”

Tears stream,

He makes a sound

Like laughter.

I honk I wave I drive away.

In my rear-view window

He stands tall

He shakes his head and smiles.

For a moment he is a man with a mission.

Melanie Alcorn 8/NOV/2014

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