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The Un-Intended Spirit


He came to Earth an un-intended Spirit, this boy of bright eyes, gentle heart and quick imagination.

He was reared in fear by his young Motherling, she had not yet grown into womanhood.

The King and Queen long before gave each other up and lived in separate castles.

Eventually he found another woman, who was to become the King’s Consort.

She was kept a dark secret.

Young and burdened by a laundry list only a perfectionist could concoct,

Teenage Princess had little experience but for recalling days gone by:

her long ago childhood ten thousand miles away when she really played Sister Princess,

in the family five-some of King and Queen, Brother Prince; and the Dowager Dog named Sonja.

King lured his royal offspring to his home citing loneliness, promising chariots of their own, and worldwide travel.

Instead he brought his unmentioned Consort to his castle.

The King’s young Royals dubbed her RatFace.

Things were not well when it became known an un-intended Spirit was eminent!

The King was off tending his lands, collecting his tithes:

Left an important decision to be made by The King’s Consort.

And she, in her religious fervor, refused an un-intended Spirit to her castle!

When the Queen opened her own castle door at the rap rap rap, she said

But of course, my dear, your room shall a Nursery be!

The only condition: Acquisition of Knowledge, it is Life’s only key.

So young, so foolishly in love, Princess fell away from Promise and Queen faced a sad decision.

Deceit is intolerable. Lessons must be learned. Queen broke her own heart in favor of  lesson:

She entrusted her Princess and the bright-eyed boy to Old Family Friends, (who had drifted!)

On her one visit, she arranged at once for their return to her Castle: to the room still called Nursery.

Home again, the Little Prince traveled with The Queen to appointments throughout the land;

And his mother acquired work. She did well by saving her wealth for the day she could break away.

She got a castle of her own.

Staightaway she met her Handsome King, and quickly became his Queen.

With her young Prince, and his young Princess, they married, lived happily, with a big hearted dog of their own.

Then the teen years of The Little Prince,

Older now, but being still young, and foolish: he found the path to Young and Foolish Ways.

There he found knowledge: his awareness of strength, the fickleness of promise.

He learned how to keep his heart kind and his eyes clear, to now watch over the Young Princess.

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History, that pile of dirt
First swept clean then
Deliberately mangled
Presented as truth.
We believe we know
Who we are until
The stranger comes to
Drop her bomb.
Now sift through debris
Of that which never was
Find a nugget of gold
Just one nugget
That is all I need.

M. Alcorn Wood
1 Sept 2014

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