The Embassy that George Built


The American  Embassy in Iraq, which started with an approved budget of US $50 million is an extravagant, flashy and totally overdone endeavor and ended up costing over USD $700 million. 

For that amount of money we have:

A cinema,

A commissary,

A cafeteria,

An indoor gym

Retail and shopping areas (a mall, how nice!)



A fire station,

A power plant,

Water treatment plants,

Facilities for telecommunications,  

Wastewater treatment facilities,

And six blocks of apartments

And there are housing and offices for 1,000 residents.  It is unclear if these are located within the stated six blocks of apartments or if there are additional constructions.  Safety features for the cafeteria, the indoor gym and indoor pool include massive bulletproof glass doors. 

Traditionally embassies were built to induce interaction with the host country and its people.  

This citadel is ten times larger than any other American Embassy, and it is said that in the eyes of Iraqis, the American Embassy remains a reminder of who really exercises the power in their country.

This Monument to America lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, also known as The Cradle of Civilization. Some say the Garden of Eden was located there.  I believe this should have been protected, remain as sacred ground for religionists, anthropologists and for the descendants of the ancient peoples who are simply trying to stay alive.

The real estate of the American Embassy in Iraq is equal to eighty American Football Fields and hosts twenty-one buildings.  It is ostentatious; and has been seen as symbolic of America’s long term intent to occupy the area.  Of course, like all American residences the American Embassy has gold-plated bathroom fixtures, oversized chandeliers, and wall paintings of Scud missiles,  They still may be ordering stainless steel kitchens with custom granite counters.

 I can only guess  what Nate Berkus would have to say regarding décor.  And that is pretty much how to spend US $750,000,000.00.

When fully staffed the Embassy employs 1,873 people, including local hires, and of course more than 13,000 contractors who cover all from maintenance, dining, and gardening to whatever else contractors do besides soak the USA.

“Our beautiful American Embassy encourages equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment for all, without regard to political affiliation, race, color, religion, national origin, sex,  marital status, age or handicapping conditions.”

 Any questions regarding vacancies may be directed to the Embassy’s Human Resources Office:


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