I’m talking those days when we’re dazed ,  Cousin

“Under the weather,” weak and challenged,

Days when we find no tools beneath that

Seductive cloak of hopelessness.

We all wear the cloak,

Curse  the cloak;  

Sometimes we care for the cloak:

Retreat  into the embrace

of warm, wooly, isolation, 

Where we count and recount

Our personal prickly pieces: 

No! not!

Can’t!  Won’t!  

Isn’t!  Always!  NEVER!


It doesn’t have to be like that, Cousin!

Unless you like it like that,

Or when your worst  fear is:

It Is What  It Is and That’s That!

Here’s a tip to turn the ship

Around and around and around

Until your personal sun warms

The cockles of your heart,

And your very singular soul.

Go give a little something nice away

To the next three people you see:

A nod of your head and a smile;

Hold the door to the store wide open:

A gift to the harried mother, or

The elder with a tender shoulder.

Or the curmudgeon who thinks

The whole world stinks:

Go ahead!  wreck his day!

Stretch for the can of tomato soup

For that short fat woman in the grocery;

Try peeky-booing at the smiling baby

Strapped on Daddy’s back: 

A deliciously secret and fleeting

Tiny love affair and because of YOU

A budding human now believes

This world really is her oyster!

How can you now not feel not noticed,

Appreciated, valued and loved by one and all,  

Especially by yourself.

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