It has just been such an Awful Summer after a Terrible Spring which followed a Lousy Damn Winter.  It  nearly brought me to my knees.  Commitment to anything other than the young one’s need, has been a challenging act, a balancing act so as not to tip his ship or scales.  We need adults these days, and it appears nonbody has yet grown up.  But during the Awful Summer I did manage to complete a few pieces, and this one is my Salute to Autumn, for it was just this Autumn that my mobility has recovered itself.  For seven years I have been taken down with physicala issues.  Today I can tell you I’m back to hiking, probably dancing AND, once my muscles are ready:  dare I put it in words TENNIS! 

So here is a poem I wrote to celebrate  this  Autumn:


 I could watch them forever,

Swooping and swarming in unison,

Mimicking ocean anchovies.

Sometimes I think I stare too long: 

I begin to see Asian characters

In their synchronistic movement.

A secret message to me

And I don’t get it.


Ten million black birds in the harvest blue sky

Dance madly until

Our sorry winter drives them away.

Normally militant crows avoid them,

Fly low, then form a caucus

In the freshly plowed field,

And curse the starlings.

They know to avoid ten million beaks

Fifty million toes.



                             Melanie Wood 10/25/2013



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