Spare You Some Change

Consider, when we walk through town

About the people we pass, decide not to greet.

Slow down.

Look in their eyes. 

Give away a smile!

Let them know they are seen,

And so they are like you!


Hit them up:

“Can you use a couple of bucks?”

And if they say nah, check again

“You sure ‘bout that?”

If the response starts with “Well….”

Dig as deep as you can on that day!

Close your deal with “Pass it on when you can.”

They must decide what they need at the time.

Their path is not one you’ve yet seen.  

Your smile could be the one they recall

When Luck comes like Love, whispering

“Let go, and let’s go.”

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4 thoughts on “Spare You Some Change

  1. Wow! Melanie, this is awesome! A new thought sprang to me from every single line. That doesn’t happen often when I read. This is so powerful! 

    I think I’ll post it on my refrigerator for a while, and I will also share it with my friends and family… even out loud, if they give me the chance. 🙂

    Thank you! Kathie


  2. This is a beautiful thought! It lightens up a gloomy mood.

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