A Long Hard Month





Terrible issues came up this month. Times like this do happen and one can be hard pressed to find the energy to persevere.  I guess this is how we move along, learn to be flexible else we shatter; learn to be happy instead of resentment-full.  Yes, and quit passing the blame because it will only push us into more depression. We know we have choices in how to respond.  Let’s see, there is knee-jerk which fails and usually leaves a lot of egg on faces.   Judgment promises only to ruin our own sense of peace and frequently goes unnoticed by the “target”.  Or we can start making changes, going back to old ways because the new super ways are not planet friendly ways, harmful to all inhabitants.


This week alone I first watched Public TV heard the latest information from DNA experts whom have come to the conclusion that yes, Round Up, the weed-killing Monsanto product is every bit as bad as many of us feared, and far worse.  Scientific evidence proves that it contributes to the leap in autism over the last three decades, diabetes, obesity, Altzhimers, digestive diseases and other medical phenomena that have cropped up. Well, unexpectedly by the public, but could it have been swept under Monsanto’s carpet. 


They insist they have a quality Scientific Review process before this chemical was released?  Did they blithely put it on the market as soon as the percentages looked good enough to grab a profit?  Roundup is in most everything we eat today, any animals that are fed corn.  Hmm, think of the remarkable increase of corn syrup use.  Corn is everywhere, there is plenty of it thanks to..Glyphosphate.


Glyphosphate (RoundUp) is the ingredient which  gets rid of those pesky weeds thereby increasing profits for farmers.  We now know it is altering humans at a cellular level.  It is frightening to me, having been born after WWII and growing up in a healthy environment where apples still had spots on them and sometimes worms inside; bananas sometimes carried tarantulas in their crate; artichokes always had to be thoroughly washed under cold water to pick out the slugs and insects that are hiding between the leaves.  All of the above yucky findings are now a thing of the past unless you pick organic.  Even then nobody is sure just where else the glyphosphate has landed.   Yep it’s hard to be GoodyTwoShoes happy, isn’t it.  Consider your family and community for the changes that have been made in quality of living: tremendous increases in obesity/diabetes, Altzheimers, allergies, inflammation, autism, and various chronic intestinal diseases.








And then I watched  The Invisible War. 




We have some work to do.  And I for one am aware that what has transpired in the curse of Human Development has had it’s roots in Greed and Power. 


Greed and Power in the past thirty years sponsored the deliberate destruction of much of what we need to stay alive:  plastic instead of recyclable metal, and glass and waxed cardboard containers.  They are all going to our oceans and disintegrating, eaten by the smallest of food chain members, who in turn are eaten by the next and the next until it reaches those who carelessly tossed the plastic into the trash too, and plenty of people who conscientiously refuse to use them in the name of world health.


Greed and Power singlehandedly pulled down the world economy with the Grand Fraud Gala of the 1990- 2008.  I had a front row seat, and my fraud findings were blatantly ignored, traded for profit. 


We are doing so much wrong right now, and I probably won’t live to see the worst.  But my grandkids will and their kids too.  There is a way to pull it all in, but it requires participation no matter what kind of flag you like to carry Left, Right, Green or Tea.  We’ve got to stop putting profit first as if it is a justification for dubious financial decisions.


Our network television does not cover much but traffic, weather, murders, the recent horrors of kidnapings, home invasions, and who had the last wardrobe malfunction..  We do not get much about the rest of the world, do we, other than quotes regarding the Euro (which is having many problems resulting from American financial manipulations:  European countries invested heavily in our Crap Loans.  Small cities went bankrupt when the stuff hit the fan.


It is not going to take much bravery to assess our irresponsible activities built of the commercial fable of The American Dream.  We can and probably will be forced to stand down and recognize that while Rip van America slept, very bad guys took over.  And then we can begin the process of cleanup, prioritizing (yes, like Global Warming and stopping Electronic Waste period.)


We can do it.  And, like it or not, we will be forced.  I for one am ready to accept this challenge in as many ways that I can. 


The next part for me is to get the spouse to stop using RoundUp.  Then we’ll have to do something about his sweet tooth….






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