A Joke? I Wish!

I don’t know what to say today:  I know a very nice lady, an American Gal, baby-boomer like me make a comment that I can’t quite wrap my head around.  The discussion was regarding my comment about TV news reporting:  it’s all Giggley Girls, Cutesey Boys and sales. UGH: I’m done with that “trending” high-school approach and the faulty reporting. (And especially done with that little band of words zipping along the bottom one third of MY television!) American News was not like this twenty years ago, before Rupert Murdock got his fat fingers on most of our networks.  

This woman offhandedly said she doesn’t trust BBC (??) as” everyone knows they are more socialized and don’t do balanced reporting”.  Ummm, Uncle Rupert the FOX is much more balanced?  The scary part for me is that this little comment was so offhand,sounded so very benign.  The poor thing really believes it.  

I think I got my first look at an honest to God “Sleeper” and she’s very sweet, very nice.  

I have a lot to say regarding the Sleepers, and much of it has to do with the dangers of going to sleep at the (governmental) wheel of this American machine we are on today.  I know how we got here:  worshiping at the alter of the Almighty Dollah.  And I know the love of that dollar is deep in the heart of what is called Capitalism, and I know it is costing us plenty today; more in the future if we don’t get our *climate* changed right quick!  Get our ‘tude turned, get real and get cracking!  We know what we need to do, but we need people with brains, people with inspiration to lead us out of this temptation and into  the vital  thriving community we always were: the one that helped each other in times of need and didn’t expect somebody else (say tax-payer) to pick up the tab.

An old timer once told me he had been taught to live “Out of the goodness of my heart”. He did just that and he didn’t get paid: instead he received all the care and love he needed. Tax Free!

Every generation before my Boomer generation lived according to that premise at least periodically, as it seems every decade brings it’s own disasters.  We do seem to get nudges from the stars when we need to get back down to brass tacks.

So, can we allow Sleepers to continue their naps?

 Will things right themselves despite Sleeper’s apathy?  Or.should we just ship ’em all down Gitmo with no charges lodged, no chance of escape.and forget about ’em….??

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